Sunday, December 19, 2010

New york...I Love you!

Okey dokey artichokey I am back from New york and man o man did i LOVE it! Im going to TRY and keep this short and sweet because I could go and and on about it, but I dont think either of us have the time... Christmas eve is only a few days away, and i for one have not finished my shopping!

Back to NYC. On the first night we got there we left our hotel (in jersey) and decied to go and see the window displays at Macy's, Lord & Taylor and few others and then we ended up at 30 Rockefeller center.

The next day we went to the MET! And OH-MY-GOODNESS is that place HUGE! I did take some photos while in there but since they had a no flash policy they didn't turn out all to well. After the MET me and my mummies went off to P.J Clarke's for dinner. This place has been around forever, and was part of Frank Sinatra's bar crawl on Saturday nights! I highly suggest this place for dinner or a drink. It was casual and delicious!

 After dinner we went to go see ELF! my mums friend Tim is in the show you can read all about him and how the story of elf is just a parallel to his own life HERE! The picture below is this Buddy the elf played by Sebastien Arcelus!
 The next morning he got up early and headed straight for the village and had breakfast at Cafe Reggio! It was filled with cheesy Italian decorating and tons of charm!

From the village we walked to ABC carpet and home and basically....I need to live there. It was amazing. The pictures i took are only from the first floor and there were SEVEN more to go. Unfortunately you have to be a millionaire to shop there but it gave me some fantastic ideas for decorating!

Also while in ABC carpet and home we saw Elvis Costello and Diana crawl shopping it was CRAZY! My Mum was freaking out, but she was WAY to nervous to say anything to him. She actually met him a few summers ago.
That night we went to go see Rufus at Carnegie....and BLOWING! Unfortunately the pictures fro mthat night didn't turn out so great. But it was a night i will NEVER forget. He sang some songs with his sister, Martha, and she even brought her son Mark Anthony out for the last song. Rufus also preformed some songs from his Judy show, and of course that was amazing. I love new york and I WILL be back :)