Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hungry Liars

I had mentioned in my last post about my "Hungry liars" music video i had made for my media studies class for school.
After I had worked on the video all night the night before it was due my Mum had posted the video on the bands facebook profile (The song was written by Justin Powers and was preformed by The Portland cello project) Within a few days my mum recived this email from Douglas Jenkis (one of the band members) saying this ...." Hey judy! thanks for sharing the link to your daughter's video! it's great! there have been a cou...ple of fan created videos for justin power's songs in the last few months, and i was thinking of linking them in a mass email to our email list (a few thousand people) later this month since he'll be on tour with us and we'll be playing those songs. i'd love to add your daughter's video to that list!
(i think it's the best of them, honestly!)
thanks so much for sharing!

I later received feedback from Justin commenting on the video.So without further adieu here is ....HUNGRY LIARS!

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