Sunday, November 14, 2010


So last night right as i was about to head of to dream land i stummbled across THIS little beauty. And of course i couldnt go to sleep after finding gold. So after downloading the program (FREE!) I stayed up for a bit makin these babies
taken up at the cottage last summer

My brother kayaking at the cottage

Dinner at our favorite place (Harbor Dinner) my step Dad looks kinda silly but i love it!

Peach pie at the Harbor

Me and my nine year old step brother :)

I love this program it takes an digital photo you have and istantly turns it into a look-a-like Polaroid. I love how these photos come out authentic looking and they even "develop" like Polaroids and you can save each Polaroid image as it develops. I also love how easy it is, you drag and drop onto the camera app, wait for the negative then " shake it like a Polaroid picture".

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